Our Vision

Our Vision

Sunsport Gardens Vision

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The Sunsport Vision

When Hugo Forester founded Sunsport Gardens in 1965, he envisioned a “Happy Place for All Living Things.’ He chose to keep the roads and trails unpaved. He allowed trees and large bushes to be planted, but not removed. He built ponds connected by canals to attract birds and provide for boating and fishing. (The ponds also help with drainage during the late summer rainy season.) He created a long nature trail through the tropical jungle. Sunsport is home to many animals including land and water birds, frogs and toads, little lizards, butterflies and otters. There are a large variety of tropical fruit trees (e.g. citrus, canistel, carambola, sapote, banana, guava, mango, sapodilla, avocado and more).

Hugo Forester, Sunsport Founder
Hugo Forester, Sunsport Founder
(1924 – 2001)

Hugo wanted children as well as adults to love Sunsport, so he encouraged them to freely explore the natural surroundings as they would the fields and woods near a country home. Hugo felt strongly that Sunsport should be open to all who shared his vision. As the sign at Sunsport’s gate states:

“Naturists are welcome regardless of race, religion, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or disabling condition.”
(read our Diversity Statement)

Sunsport Gardens Entrance

As Hugo developed Sunsport from a tomato farm to the most naturally tropical naturist resort in the United States, he gradually put in a full range of amenities: volleyball, tennis and petanque courts, a heated swimming pool, sauna and spa, a full service restaurant, deluxe cabins and, for children, a playground and even a slide into the pool.

Sunsport Gardens Pool Scene

When Hugo died in 2001, a group of Sunsport members committed to preserving Hugo’s dream purchased the Sunsport Corporation. We expanded the vision to incorporate traditional naturist values from which many nudist resorts including Sunsport had strayed. We chose to have a healthful, clean and ecologically sensitive environment. On our first day of ownership, we became the first naturist resort in Florida to eliminate smoking in all common buildings and rental units. We also established a comprehensive recycling program. Months were spent removing junk accumulated over the years. (Hugo had never thrown anything out.) Although bars are usually good sources of income for resorts, we decided not to provide alcoholic beverages, although people may bring their own.

With the reduction in alcohol consumption, the atmosphere around the pool and at dances is considerably more family friendly. We lost a few members as a result of the restrictions on smoking (which is now limited to 4 out of the way designated areas) and drinking, but gained many more. The Sunsport restaurant now provides vegetarian options at all meals and is sensitive to people’s preferences for low fat or low carb and gluten-free meals. While we have no desire to require the alcohol-free, meat-free rules and daily calisthenics of some early nudist clubs, we encourage a healthy lifestyle with opportunities for exercise and healthy food.

Sunsport members pitch in to help create a sense of fun and community. Members plant fruit trees and beautiful gardens. They lead yoga and dance classes. The community involvement at Sunsport is not new. In the past, members funded and built a large pavilion for dances and parties, maintained the nature trail and even helped dig the hole for the swimming pool. When I first visited Sunsport many years ago, there were volleyball games on most days after work and lots of families with children. A goal is to foster such an atmosphere again.

The shareholders of Sunsport Gardens Inc., are interested solely in maintaining and further developing Sunsport as a natural, healthy and fun community and resort; there is no interest in personal profit. All income is reinvested into Sunsport. Shareholders pay the site rental fees just as all other members do and have signed a “Buy-Sell Agreement” requiring that any corporate shares sold may be sold only for the original purchase price plus inflation. Sunsport Gardens is a unique resort with a clear set of values, fully complementary to the values of the Naturist Society and the American Association for Nude Recreation.