November Newsletter 2017

November Newsletter 2017

  • I’m happy to see Sunsport’s members returning from their summer trips.  This month we will begin to welcome our friends from the North.  People will see a newly completed beautiful pergola type roof over the hot tub spa and a new aquarium in the clubhouse lounge.   They can enjoy cookouts with organic smoothies at the new smoothie bar on the restaurant deck.

Every two years the Board reviews and adjusts rates.  Last year membership and ground fee rates were adjusted.  This year we looked at rates for site and accommodation rentals.   Effective in May, 2018, rental rates will increase about 3%.  This is the rate of inflation over the last two years.  This rate increase is necessary since Sunsport’s expenses have increased by at least that amount.   I am proud that Sunsport always increases the pay of our dedicated, talented staff to match the change in the cost of living.

This month Sunsport will celebrate Thanksgiving with our traditional community pot luck dinner in the pavilion.  Please describe what you will bring on the sign-up list in the office.

Another Music Medley Weekend for Young Adults will be the second weekend in December.  Although special low rates and free camping are available for naturists aged 18-30, the weekend events are open to naturists of all ages.

I’m sad to report that Young Naturists of America is going out of business at the end of this year.  However, Sunsport will continue to provide a discount to people aged 18-30 with YNA membership cards until the cards expire.

I am happy to welcome to Sean Shaw to Sunsport’s grounds and maintenance team.  Sunsport’s roads are the smoothest they’ve been in a long time thanks to new gravel and Sean’s persistent grading.   Also, in the last couple of months Mary Willoughby has joined the great housekeeping team and Britney Blair has joined the restaurant team.  Both Britney and Elijah Meckstroth started as dishwashers and have grown into accomplished chefs producing delicious and healthful meals.

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