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September Newsletter 2017

September Newsletter 2017

The Summer Daze Music Medley for Young Adults was a success.  Ten Bands performed Saturday and Sunday poolside with jams extending into the evenings.  Many thanks to Brandon Steinbrecher of The Tribe, a local group of musicians and artists, for coordinating the music.  Brandon has agreed to help again with the next weekend for young adults at Sunsport on the second weekend in December.
On Sunday, September 3rd, the Island Brothers will play reggae music poolside in the afternoon.  People will be dancing in and out of the pool.  You won’t want to sit still during their lively performance.
On September 22-24, the Tampa Area Naturists (TAN) are hosting a “Tribal Council” at Sunsport.  There will be a meeting and campfire drum circle on Friday evening with a day at Haulover Beach on Saturday and a day at Blind Creek Beach on Sunday.  TAN welcomes all naturists to join in.
September is the month I organize the program for the Midwinter Naturist Festival.  The 2018 Festival will be February 15-20 .  If you would like to lead workshops or activities for adults or children, please call me at (561) 791-1361 or email me   I will need to know the title and a one sentence description of your workshop(s).  I will also need to know which days you will be attending the Festival, hopefully the whole time, and any special needs for your workshop/activity.
Sunsport’s maintenance team is building a shelter on the restaurant deck which will house a new permanent Organic Smoothie Bar and Grill, an all weather extension of the restaurant.   This is part of a project to correct weak spots in the deck.  Another shelter is being constructed over the hot tub spa equipment area which is needed to extend the life the pump, heater, and other equipment.  Pool lounge chairs are being cleaned and repaired.  Sharp leafed wild pineapple plants have been planted to create an impenetrable barrier on the east border to deter intruders.
Check out the beautiful new fish in the restaurant aquarium.
In early August, I coordinated the Northeast Naturist Festival in Central New York State.  The weather was perfect.  There were six theatrical performances, sweat lodges, and many interesting workshops.  A number of attendees plan to visit Sunsport this winter.  Sunsport has an excellent reputation as a friendly resort and community where people can enjoy healthful, natural living.
August 2017 Newsletter

August 2017 Newsletter

The Tenth Annual Naturist Family Youth Camp at Sunsport was incredibly fun.  It progressed smoothly under the new leadership of Annette, Bettina, and Adam Levy.   David Gibbon helped campers build and launch water rockets which flew high into the sky and introduced them to astronomy and chess, as well as serving as official photographer.  Kim Trampus led karaoke and helped campers produce a hilarious claymation video which will soon be on Sunsport’s website.  Swann organized great games and taught Tae Kwon Do.  Bryan Cromwell and Tracy Shinsel helped campers prepare delicious treats.  Geoff Farmer assisted campers in creating and planting the children’s section of the new community garden. Jodi Neering led popular and relaxing meditation,  Bootz led important and fun team building sessions plus producing a fantastic variety show involving all the campers.  We walked to the nearby Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue Farm and spent a beautiful day at clothing-optional Haulover Beach with lunch provided by South Florida Free Beaches.  Guest artist Lauren Hooker performed an amazing participatory storytelling with a diversity theme.  There were also boating, crafts, and lots of time in the pool.  The buffet meals prepared by Chris Vuk and his staff were both nutritious and delicious.  Campers came from as far away as British Columbia, Canada, to attend.  But most important, children aged 4-16 together with parents and counselors gelled into a caring, supportive community.  The consensus was that this was the best camp ever.  A gallery of camp photos will soon be on the website.

The big event for August is the Summer Daze Music Medley weekend for Young Adults August 11-13.  The weekend, hosted by The Tribe, features ten bands playing poolside Saturday and Sunday and a Drum Circle with Black Light Body Painting and Fire Spinning Friday evening.  There will also be workshops and performances including  a return of Lisa Engleberg’s  Sound Bath Meditation.  Camping is free for ages 18-30.  Ground fees are waived for first timers, $6 per day for others aged 18-30.  Naturists of all ages are welcome to participate.  A Summer Daze flier with more information is on Sunsport’s website.

The always popular Island Brothers Reggae Band fill play poolside Sunday, September 3rd on Labor Day Weekend.  Save the date.  People can’t stop dancing both in and out of the pool when the Island Brothers play.

Anyone interested in having a plot in Sunsport’s new Community Garden should contact Geoff Farmer at  A children’s section has already been started.  In July, the Dragon Fruit produced its first bright red fruit.  A photo is in this newsletter.

We continue to upgrade our grounds and facilities.  Many people will be happy that the driveway into Sunsport has been smoothed.  The children’s area in the game room has been improved with newly built toy box, table, and chairs.  The restaurant has been redecorated with an islands theme.  The walls are bamboo with tribal masks.  Stop by to see the restaurant and enjoy a delicious, nutritious meal.