March newsletter

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Morley The Midwinter Naturist Festival was a great success. We had a record number of attendees and over 300 activities in the 6 days. At the Closing Friendship Circle, people said it was the best Festival ever. Many thanks to the workshop leaders, the Sunsport volunteers, and the Sunsport staff who worked long hours to produce a smooth running and stimulating Festival. As always, the Festival was six days of fun, growth and community. The Sixth annual Coed Volleyball Tournament near the end of February was lots of fun. It is unique in that players are a member of a different team for each game. Danny Hill and Barbara Skinner were crowned king and queen for totaling the most points in the games in which they played. The first weekend in March features a Friday evening drum circle followed by a Petanque Tournament on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday, March 12th, the always popular Rick Nelson will play poolside. Folk Theme Weekend March 17-19 starts with an Old Time Coffee House on Friday with music by Bob Fekete. There will be poolside music all weekend and a St. Patrick's Day Dance with a band on Saturday evening. Other Saturday dances are a Birthday Dance on the 4th, a Dance to the music of the Main Street Band on the 11th, and a 50s-60s Dance on the 25th. The next weekend for young adults will be the Full Bloom Music Medley April 7-9. Save the dates. The Tribe promises another great event. Four new commercial grade washers and two new driers have been added to Sunsport's laundromat replacing machines that malfunctioned repeatedly. A quick flush, low water usage toilet has been added to a clubhouse restroom replacing a toilet which required almost constant attention. These are much needed and environmentally conscious upgrades. l The Sunsport Board has adopted a policy clarifying parents' responsibility for their children at Sunsport: "1) Parents* are responsible for their minor children at Sunsport. Parents or a designated adult must know where their children are at all times. Children must know where their parents or a designated adult are at all times. If parents designate an adult to be responsible for their minor children, the Sunsport office or management must be informed. 2) A minor may visit Sunsport without a parent only if the parent provides a letter stating that the parent knows that Sunsport is a nudist resort and designating a responsible adult. The letter must be notarized or contain a telephone number at which the parent can be reached. (*also legal guardians)" This March, all sites at Sunsport are full; interesting activities are scheduled daily or people can relax by the pool or explore the nature trail. I am looking forward to a busy month with much fun in a great community.