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No Smoking sign at entrySunsport Gardens is now smokefree in all common areas with the exception of four designated smoking areas. People may also smoke on their lots. All recreational areas, sunning areas, roadways, buildings, and the Eden, Center, Otter, Tennis, Campfire, and Sun Spirit Grove camping areas are smokefree. The Board made the decision to make Sunsport smokefree in consideration of the health and comfort of Sunsport members and guests. In deference to Sunsport's valued members and guests who still smoke, four attractive smoking areas have been designated. They are near recreational areas, but placed so that non-smokers do not need to pass near them. The smoking areas are on the pad in Orchid Lawn near the restaurant deck, in the grassy area at the southeast corner of the volleyball courts, beside the lake north of the drum circle and in the dog run. These areas have lounges and/or picnic tables and flowers on their borders. The Orchid Lawn area has a shelter. The decision to make Sunsport smokefree in common areas was made in response to a number of requests and in compliance with Sunsport's value of providing a healthful environment. It is hoped that residing in or visiting a smokefree resort will help people who so desire to stop smoking. Sunsport has offered to help defray the cost of smoking cessation programs for employees who wish to stop smoking.