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Virtual Tour Taping

Participants Needed to be present for the taping of a Virtual Tour of Sunsport next Monday, November 24.  We need people to be enjoying Sunsport's amenities nude.  Ground fees will be waived for anyone signing a photo release and participating.  We need diversity: people of all genders, ages, and ethnicities.  Hopefully, we will be taping most of the day and possibly even a short drum circle in the evening.  Thanks.


Event Date: 

Monday, November 24, 2014 (All day)

Sunsport welcomes naturists of all ages regardless of race, religion, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or disabling condition.

A diverse group of nudists.We welcome diversity and offer the facilities of our family naturist resort to everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or disabling condition. Our member board, management and owners are made up of a diverse group of individuals, who collectively pursue their dream to make Sunsport Gardens your first choice for clothes-free recreation in a natural tropical paradise. It's your place to come to relax on vacation, or play sports on the weekend. Bring yourself, bring your family, bring a friend. Even if it is your first visit to a naturist resort, you will soon relax and find your place in the sun, lounging, playing tennis or volleyball, swimming, socializing, or communing with nature in our butterfly garden, Sun-Spirit Grove, or on the nature trail. We have a DJ dance every Saturday evening with many other events throughout the year. Sunsport Garden has been here for 42 years, so come for a day or a lifetime. We are waiting for you to visit.

The Naturist Society Mission Statement

The mission of The Naturist Society is to promote a culture of body acceptance through clothing-optional recreation, using the tools of education and community outreach. The Naturist Society celebrates the nude human form as inherently wholesome and natural. TNS promotes attitudes of tolerance and respect toward the body, and rejects the exploitation of the body for commercial or sexual purposes.

The Naturist Society views clothing-optional recreation as essential to body acceptance. Through clothing-optional recreation participants, be they individuals, couples or families, learn to appreciate the diversity of body types, gain a better understanding and acceptance of their own bodies, and reap the social, psychological, and physical benefits of a healthy and natural way of life.

The Naturist Society believes the interests of naturists are advanced through education and community outreach. TNS recognizes it is part of a larger community and welcomes the challenge of spreading the naturist message.

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